Property Management

Property Management

Why do you need it?

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Property managment in javea. Your home in Spain is a big investment and therefore it is important that it is properly looked after and it’s not an area that should be overlooked when you are renting your property, or even if it is standing empty for long periods of time.

Key 2 Properties offers a first rate management package which will ensure that your property is looked after by a team of professionals to the highest standard giving you complete peace of mind.  Sometimes, it is not enough to rely on friends and neighbours if you are not in the country, as quite often the management of a property can be very time consuming and can stretch a friendship to the limit.

Once you have decided to long term or holiday let your property there a few things that must be put into place before this can start.  As a landlord you are contractually obliged to ensure that your property is fit to rent, including the grounds, gardens and pool. This means that it must be clean, that appliances and boilers etc are working, inventories need preparing to go with the contract, keys cut and managed, digital pictures taken to show the condition of the property and its contents and more.  Getting this right means it will be a smooth transition when the tenants to move in.

Once the tenants move in they are responsible for the day to day upkeep of the property, but jobs such as fixing the pool pump if it breaks down, hard pruning of garden plants, repairing the boiler if it breaks, repairing damage after storms etc, will usually fall under the landlord’s remit.

This property management means that we will:

  • Be the First point of contact for tenants with any problems
  • Carry out quarterly inspections of the property, we will be your eyes in Spain making sure that everything is being looked after.
  • Carry out quarterly checks with the utility companies to ensure everything is being paid meaning there are never any issues with unpaid bills or utilities being cut off.
  • We will contact you prior to undertaking any work on your behalf providing competitive quotations

We will take care of any specific instructions you may have for while you are away, organise or supervise any jobs you had planned for while you are away. Anything from having the house painted to getting the house cleaned  prior to  your arrival.

Empty Properties

If you have a property that is empty for long periods of time but you don’t want to rent it we can offer a service tailored specifically to your requirements.

A monthly check by our team means that:

  • We can ventilate the property to ensure no build up of damp and mould,
  • Flush toilets and run showers to eliminate odours building up,
  • Check your mail,
  • Confirm the condition and security of the property, especially after a storm.
  • Checking that electric, gas and water are connected and in working order, with no surprise leaks adding to your water bills.
  • Checking that all windows and doors are secured.
  • Confirming there are no problems in the gardens and grounds or with the pool.
  • Checking for any insect or animal infestations.

If you are interested in our “empty property package” please contact us and we can give you a quote.